What is the first dance?

The first dance between a wedding couple is one of the highlights of the wedding process not only for the couple but also for guests. Intended to be an expression of love, the wedding dance is performed as a tradition that showcases a couples love and commitment to each other while also displaying this to their audience.

Why should I take lessons?

Performing the first dance at a wedding is a tradition that many partake in. Because this can be a challenging task, professionals help to choreograph a custom routine to help create the perfect wedding dance. They take care of every aspect of this part of the ceremony and make sure that the first dance is not only done well but also an enjoyable experience.

What does the lesson provide?

The lessons provide the full wedding dance experience to make sure that this part of your wedding is perfect. We help you choose a song, make custom choreography that fits the song and your abilities, as well as making sure that the performance of this dance is developed to the highest level.

Do I need prior dance experience?

No, prior dance experience is not required. Our instructors guide beginners through every aspect of dancing to make sure that they create the best wedding dance possible.

Do I need to have a song picked to take lessons?

No, a song is not needed and we have resources to help you find your dream song. Check out our music tab for some advice and we could also personally match you with the song of your choice.

How many lessons are enough?

Dancing is an activity where the more you put into it the more you will get out of it. Naturally, the more lessons that are taken the more time there is to properly develop the dance. This is why the ideal number of lessons would be with the Gold Package which is ten. However, due to time and monetary constraints the Bronze and Silver package are also valid options.

When should we start taking lessons?

The minimum time to start taking lessons would be two to three months before the ceremony. This allows adequate time to create a routine and also make sure that it is performed and executed perfectly.

What should I wear to the lesson?

The shoes being worn to the wedding should be worn to every lesson and upon request, a skirt or dress might be needed to practice specific movements.