Having a wedding dance is a great idea but one of the most important parts of a wedding dance is obviously the song that is being danced to.Choosing a song can be a very complicated task but it really doesn’t have to be. The most important part of choosing a song is to pick something that is special and the rest can be worked on.

Special Songs

Some couples have songs that mean a lot to them because they marked special occasions and bring back important memories. Maybe there is a song that was listened to on the first date or even a song where the lyrics mean a lot to the couple. Dancing to one of these songs can be an excellent way to add even more meaning to that song. What can be better than dancing with the one you love on your special day to a memorable song.

New Songs

Choosing a song that is not necessarily special is also an excellent idea. This is because any song that is being used for such an important part of the wedding will instantly become a memorable song and moment. Picking a blank slate and working to create that into a special memory is a whole process that can be enjoyed from start to finish. In the end, a song that perhaps did not mean much will now be the most important song of the wedding and a memory for life.

Working with the Songs

Naturally, not every song can be suited to be danced to. Fortunately, songs can be worked to make them more danceable. Songs can be slowed down or sped up or even mashed together. If there is more than one song there can be a combination of the two. Almost anything can be done with the music. The most important thing is to make sure it is special and the rest can be taken care of.

Clearly, choosing a wedding song is an important task. There are many ways to do so and if there are any issues the wonderful team at the Wedding Dance NY can always help. We will help you choose a song or even make sure the song that was already chosen fits. Pick your song and let’s create magic! Contact us today!